The Astronauts partner with CONCRN

Jacob Savage, founder of CONCRN and new Astronaut plays for a 1-year old's birthday party
Jacob Savage, founder of CONCRN and new Astronaut plays with the Pasto Seco Band for a 1-year old’s birthday party

CONCRN is a social service network connecting clients-individuals suffering from homelessness, mental illness, and/or substance abuse with trained outreach teams. Teams make an effort to bridge the gap between individuals in need and local service providers, support groups, and family members. CONCRN additionally offers ongoing case management in order to encourage clients to follow through with connecting and maintaining their connections to support services.

The goals of both organizations are in-line in using their gifts to create a more compassionate, peaceful and loving world and the partnership between the two organizations.

Partnership between the organizations will allow Astronaut musicians to become trained Community Compassionate Responders and help in the mission of uplifting the Tenderloin community in San Francisco. We are thrilled at the opportunity!


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