Latin American Live Music & Dance School Assemblies

Thanks to a generous grant from the Silicon Valley Community Foundation’s Donor Circle for the Arts, The Astronauts will bring Latin American Music, Dance, and Heritage Assemblies to Title 1 schools in San Mateo County.  provides assemblies for all schools in SFBA. Our pilot brought music and social-emotional learning lessons to 400 students,  which included elements of social-emotional intelligence and cultural awareness, as well as anti-bullying and climate shifting. The assembly lasted an hour and incorporated lessons on California and Latin American history insofar at is related to its Hispanic roots, exploring how this music comes from a mix of African, American Indigenous, and Spanish roots. Students danced, sang, made body percussion, and listened to traditional folk songs from Colombia, Mexico, Bolivia, and Chile. We hope to continue these assemblies in the Bay Area!

Pilot Video Here: Videos

Alzheimer’s Services of the East Bay
Since 2009, the Astronauts have been performing bi-monthly in Hayward and Berkeley locations of ASEB, providing a much-needed service of musical entertainment and healing. The staff at the center have seen a tremendous impact on the patients; the patients have undoubtedly benefited from the monthly performances. In cases of dementia, especially with Alzheimer’s, music is known to benefit the patient tremendously in various ways: long-term memory access increased a sense of well-being, cognitive function facilitation, and motor movement coordination.

UC Berkeley Office of Equity and Inclusion

The Astronauts are pleased to provide entertainment for UC Berkeley’s Office of Equity and Inclusion’s annual Chancellor Award Ceremony, where the importance of diversity in access to education is championed and celebrated every year.

Kindred Rehabilitation Center in San Francisco

The Astronauts provide monthly performance at Kindred in SF, playing a duo-quartet at each performance in exchange for minimum compensation. The center is a place for healing for many older adults, and the Astronauts is proud to be a part of this process.

Oakland Elizabeth House
Since 2013, the Astronauts have performed mainly for the children of the Elizabeth House. Elizabeth House is a transitional program for women with children who have experienced domestic violence, poverty and/or homelessness. The Astronauts have been part of the Children’s Program at Elizabeth House providing this service during the women’s mentor meetings.

Oakland Children’s Hospital and Research Center

The Astronauts played at a Remembrance Event for the families of passed children at the Children’s Hospital. They continue to offer their services for fundraising events at the hospital.


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